We are a group of people who wants to help foreigners to get help when they arrive Korea.

We have people from different fields. If you think of visiting of Korea what kind of help do you need? We have all of them. I am Jungu Kim the manager of this company I was a student who had studied in the states and knowing that there are so many travel guides for people in Korea when they travel to other countries but there were nothing like this for foreigners who come to Korea.
First, we have our Travel information desk. They help you during your travel you can ask them questions during you are in Korea. Next, meet our package manager. You can choose any package or make your own travel type. It will help you design your own travel.

We are started by wanting to show what things there are to do in South Korea and wanting more people to have interest in our Country for that we are doing this travel site to give you information and also helping you to have more experience of our culture.

The reason why you should choose us is that I have been to the states and I know what you would like and that is why I can give you the best service.