The big 3 cities to visit in Korea

Today I will introduce three of the most famous places in South Korea among the various visit spots in Korea

Seoul – The capital of South Korea

As Seoul is the capital of South Korea it also has plenty things to enjoy.

There are a lot of things to do here but I strongly recommend to do a picnic at the Han-river. It has a lot df beautiful night views and there are places to buy food easily.

Busan – The largest port city also the second largest city of South Korea

Busan is surrounded by ocean so there are a lot of places to have raw fish. So there are a lot of places where you can lend a boat and the people make you sliced raw fish in front of you with the fish you caught.

Also there are beautiful city views with sea glow at the background.

Jeju Island – The largest Island in South Korea

Jeju is the place where most Koreans visit during vacation season. As it is an island it has also a lot of places to get raw fish like Busan. But, Jeju is not only famous by it you can also meet a lot of black pig and horse meat.

Why the big 3 – It’s because these cities are also the place where the people in South Korea also go for a domestic travel.

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